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Team Danmark - an introduction

Team Danmark’s primary mission is to develop Danish elite sport in a socially and community appropriate manner.

Parliament has established Team Danmark’s overall tasks in the ‘Act on elite sport’. The first act on elite sport was passed in parliament in 1984, which also created Team Danmark. The act on elite sport was renewed in 2004.

In 2014, we will work with the 28 Federations, which together will receive the majority of the resources that Team Danmark annually invests in elite sport. Our revenues come primarily from the Ministry of Culture, Denmark’s Sports Federation, as well as the sale of television, sponsorship, and marketing rights that Sport One Denmark stands for. The federations eligible for support are placed in one of the following categories:

  • World Class Federations

  • International Elite Federation

  • Project Funded Federation

Team Danmark’s organisation is comprised of a director and 6 teams. The director refers to the board of members, which is Team Danmark’s highest authority. The board has 8 members, all appointed by the Minister for Culture. 4 members are chosen by The National Olympic Committee and Sport Confederations of Denmark and 4 are chosen by the Minister for Culture. Both Athletes and elite-trainers are represented in the board.

Team Danmark supports more than 1000 athletes. Our goal is that we, together with the federations, create an optimal environment for the athletes daily life.

Who are TEAM DANMARK’S EXPERT services available to? 
To ensure that athletes with an international perspective receive the best service, Team Danmark’s supported athletes are divided into three categories: 

  • World Class Athletes - consists of athletes or teams who have achieved top-eight rankings in a recent senior World Championships or Olympics.
  • Elite Athletes – consists of athletes and teams who have a perspective to achieve top eight positions at the senior World Championships or the Olympics during the period from 2013 to 2016.
  • Team Danmark Athletes - consists of both junior and senior athletes who are a part of Team Denmark-supported national squads.

World Class Athletes and Elite Athletes have direct access to Team Danmark expert services (sports medicine, physiology, and psychology) and all other services (education and career, housing and dining arrangements, physical training facilities etc.).

Team Danmark-Athletes do not have access to Team Danmark's expert services (sports medicine, physiology and psychology), but can in principle use Team Danmark's other services (education and career opportunities, housing and dining arrangements, training facilities, etc.). Classification is valid for one year.”

Furthermore, in the period 2013-2016,Team Denmark will initiate a program for talents with particular potential to achieve international senior results at the highest level. Team Danmark's talent program will include 20-30 athletes, and will among others give the athletes direct access to Team Danmark's expert services and special activities that support the development of the individual’s talent.

Team Danmark’s organisation is comprised of a director and 6 teams. The director refers to the board of members, which is Team Danmark’s highest authority. Each of the 6 teams have work areas that directly relate to Team Danmark’s core functions, as outlined in the Act on Elite Sport and the Framework Agreement with the Ministry of Culture. Each team has a “team leader”, who is the directors reference person.

The 6 teams are:

  • Sportsteam
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports Physiology 
  • Communication and Documentation
  • Elite Municipalities and Facilities